Hello I'm Norris the artist,

looking at photographs including family snapshots and advertisements, engages me aesthetically, intellectually, and viscerally. This connection as well as my desire to see images that have not yet been made inspire and compel me to photograph.


My photographic practice is a hybrid rooted in fine art and is a crossover to the commercial industry. Documentary, portrait, and still life genres are my focus within commercial industry which transcend my works created in the fine art through education and storytelling. Tagr, Tha J-Squad, Viscom comprise as only a few of my clients as a artist and commercial photographer. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from California State University Northridge, as well as two Associate of Arts degrees in Commercial Photography and Digital Photographic Imaging; and have exhibited at Cal Arts, REDCAT and more.


I look forward to working with a of variety clients and fulfilling their photographic needs. To learn more about my work and/or secure my services, please click on the Contact Us.


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Introduction to Online Teaching & Learning

Awarded: May 12, 2020