6 Minutes Of Buck

Recently March 13 2017, Tha J-squad had an "Album Release Session" in the Antelope Valley AKA 661 the album can be downloaded here at this address: http://www.jsquadbeats.com/family
And here are some of the highlights of the fulfilling Krump culture in raw form.
Also want to take the time to recognize Johnny AKA J Bone a contributor to the krump movement being apart of the community. From the early stages of the krump movement and he said that krump was the positive reinforcement in his life. Coming from Momma Smoove (Tha J-Squad Mananger) a snippet of thier conversation; paraphrase of Johnny: "If I wasn't doing this (krump) I'd be in these streets" LONG LIVE J5!!!
Shout outs to all of the dancers staying true to the movement.
Norris Photography: http://www.norrisphot.com captured and edited this video and will continue to support the Krump movement. To ensure the history is intact and stored for future generations to have refrence and push the possibilities further. There is more to come soon, join us and feel free to subscribe, comment, and share with others.

-Shout Out To Cassidy, The Buoys, Neo Da Matrix, and Michael Wright For inspiration!!!