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I'm constantly trying out new lighting scenarios to grow and this will help me to expand my skill set. For this particular shoot I noticed the background was under exposed and I wanted the light to match this client's personality which is light and upbeat so I put a light on the background but angled it toward his shoulders, so this way the light would show more separation.  Mind you this is all being setup up by one person and prepped before the client shows up, that being said all adjustments are made approximate and quickly to the clients needs because there is no stand in.  Headshot LightingStudio Setup





The Final Result 

All this was said to demonstrate the forethought, improv, and skill that goes into the creation of a simple headshot. It seems easy but that's our job here at Norris Photography to make it look easy and show you the confidence and quality needed for your photographic vision.


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I've been contemplating beginning an online magazine. Because I'm unsure of how I can pull it all together but I'm extremely motivated to create it; so much so that I've began making mock ups. One my first articles is on Amanda Egbu, and she is an awesome model and it has been great getting to know her back story to dance; with that being said I want to say "Thank you Amanda, keep up the work." The layout, photos, and article were created and put together by me all in about 5 hours total. I've even got a few ideas to upgrade the original paper magazine for online use and changing its dynamic especially seeing that editorial seems to be going away. Digitial format is the platform it can continue to live on because we as a society today stay online and this makes it more accessible and feasible. 


For The Love Of Dance For The Love Of Dance

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I have been asked many times, "how do you come up with creative concepts"? my response to that is everything around me is inspiring, whether it be good or bad. Such as my personal attitude changes through out a day due to different events. I take note of each change and begin thinking to myself how can I show others this emotion through basic art principals.

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