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Birthday Session


Its about to get LIVE here in the Antelope Valley with this upcoming Birthday Session! Shout outs to the ones putting in work for the culture and keeping the Krump movement in motion. This session is a special one because one of the Original Generation (OG's) dancers of the Antelope Valley aka 661 Big RAMPAGE just turned 30! Then you have BLVCKCROWN aka Jr. BOY BAD one of the leaders of the LOST BOYZ. And Troublemakr which just Leveled up again recently at one of the Garage Sessions in The IE area. You Need to be here to see these styles and more mix it up and you will leave the session wanting hop in the lab ASAP and fulfilled with Krump in your soul! 



when this guy came in the game he was making waves!!! he definitely brought a unique flavor to the table of Krump and as you will see in his captured moments the crowed loved it. Yes I know Some of you will say what about "NOW"; you have to come to the session and see "NOW.


-Check it out!  



This Guy Here! Woa!!! He has been putting in work for this Krump community and has earned that respect. and this recent level up; Man did you see it coming? For those that love to play devils advocate "What about today NOW"... get to this session! 



was a game changer when it came to Krump his style definitely impacted many people within the Krump movement. He was apart of the Lunatic Buck Fam with is native to the Antelope Valley hosting many Krump Arena Events. Also had one of the dopest tag team battles you will ever see with J-slaught. and that is just a little of his resume. Again for those that want to see the "Now" Krump bring yourself and others to this session!


Come out to celebrate with us who knows you might level up. This will be one to definitely enjoy.  

With all this being Said it's time for everybody to lab up, session up, and get this Buck UP!







Norris Photography © Norris L. Duckett III 2018-01-09T00:03:14Z 2018-01-09T00:03:14Z Norris Duckett III Upcoming Art Show "Context and Time"



Context & Time

Having my first upcoming show in the fine arts realm, is a pretty exciting moment for many reasons. Showcasing the truth and issues of Krump from majority of the founders and vital people in the Krump movement. This Acknowledgement of issues will begin to help the Krump movement re-unify. For me it's exciting times because Krump is about to level up again on many points on the Krump spectrum. Taking the time to interview and listen to the originators and trend setters of Krump has been an enjoyment on my end because its been much needed for future generations and others to receive and understand these missing pieces of Krump. On a personal level its great to meet the people that have inspired me and influenced the Krump movement; Learning their stories throughout their Krump careers and the struggles and sacrafice that they have pushed through to become better and make way for future Krump dancers.


As for this show its has been full of difficulties and under constant refinement. The critique I receive from my peers, mentors, and Professors has been extremely helpful. Now its time to reveal what Ive been working on...I’m still looking into presentation, concept, and how the message I’m sending will be received; this is to better understand society reaction and reasoning with what they will be receiving at the show. 


Here is an exclusive look at the piece entitled "Discussion"; to view create a guest account here.


After experiencing the art show many found a new respect and understanding of Krump; which makes this creation of work worth all the sacrafice and work it took to be presented to those who have seen the show so far.

This photograph is apart of the comments section of the show. which opens the show to the people granting opportunity of commenting their experience of the show.

- Worth The Work!

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Norris Photography © Norris L. Duckett III 2018-01-04T00:39:32Z 2018-01-04T00:39:32Z Featured Krump Dancer "Soulja"



661 Krump dancing session for Tha Jsquad album release: Family.
-No model release

Just wrapped up an interview with Soulja on krump; discussing things such as: his krump resume,where has he been, rankings in Krump, and progress the Krump movement has made so far. He's recently been putting in work attending sessions such as DC, Beast Camp, 818, The Garage, and of course the home town 661. All while balancing being a family man and working to provide for his family.


Soulja's originally from the Bay area, his Krump career was birthed in the Antelope Valley community. Krump dancing since he was twelve years old, learning and growing into his own. Soulja's been featured on the krump kings dvd, performed at Krump Arena, The Call Of Buck, Bvckster to name a few. If you would like to learn more check out his video interview: Soulja interview



Norris Photography © Norris L. Duckett III 2017-12-26T04:48:00Z 2017-12-26T04:48:00Z The Buck Spree




Currently in the works of putting The Buck Spree footage (create a guest account and enjoy the footage) together, an event to give back to the community. Gathering many Krump dancers for competition, networking, and entertainment.

To watch the preliminaries:The Buck Spree Preliminaries


When most people think of krump they may think of urban areas of Los Angeles like Watts, Compton, Inglewood and others where DC sessions, 818 sessions, overhype, and many more session spots are. Something you may not know is there is a place a little north of Los Angeles called the Antelope Valley, in which Krump has gathered since its early stages and currently.


In the Antelope Valley community (Los Angeles County) it's very different in comparison to the city of Los Angeles; here in the AV it's hotter or colder depending on the season. Most people move here to create a better life for their families due to gentrification. In exchange the youth that live within the community have difficulty in finding employment, due to the lack of businesses in the area and older citizens also having a similar need of employment to provide for their families. This leads to high a possibility of incarceration, because trouble finds you.



















With this Krump dance movement we are able to express ourselves whether it's about our day, who you want to be, or we tell the stories that need to be seen. For example when we session and are in our zone, we may be in public like at a park people stop what they are doing to watch us from the basketball courts, softball fields, or just walking around the park. People drop what their doing to watch us tell our stories. We Krump dancers the same people that perform in the street or on stage, bring joy and entertainment to others have been denied to perform at times, because disturbing the peace. In which we are not causing trouble or harm, instead we're creating something to do to keep out of trouble. Hopefully now that Krump has taken the world by storm and most people are at least aware of Krump we will begin to accept the movement as a whole.

P.C.:Norris L. Duckett IIIJ-Squad Album Release Session661 Krump dancing session for Tha Jsquad album release: Family.<br/>-No model release




Norris Photography © Norris L. Duckett III 2017-12-14T20:52:34Z 2017-12-14T20:52:34Z Change Lighting

I'm constantly trying out new lighting scenarios to grow and this will help me to expand my skill set. For this particular shoot I noticed the background was under exposed and I wanted the light to match this client's personality which is light and upbeat so I put a light on the background but angled it toward his shoulders, so this way the light would show more separation.  Mind you this is all being setup up by one person and prepped before the client shows up, that being said all adjustments are made approximate and quickly to the clients needs because there is no stand in.  Headshot LightingStudio Setup





The Final Result 

All this was said to demonstrate the forethought, improv, and skill that goes into the creation of a simple headshot. It seems easy but that's our job here at Norris Photography to make it look easy and show you the confidence and quality needed for your photographic vision.


Norris Photography © Norris L. Duckett III 2017-01-27T18:58:23Z 2017-01-27T18:58:23Z My Online Magazine

I've been contemplating beginning an online magazine. Because I'm unsure of how I can pull it all together but I'm extremely motivated to create it; so much so that I've began making mock ups. One my first articles is on Amanda Egbu, and she is an awesome model and it has been great getting to know her back story to dance; with that being said I want to say "Thank you Amanda, keep up the work." The layout, photos, and article were created and put together by me all in about 5 hours total. I've even got a few ideas to upgrade the original paper magazine for online use and changing its dynamic especially seeing that editorial seems to be going away. Digitial format is the platform it can continue to live on because we as a society today stay online and this makes it more accessible and feasible. 


For The Love Of Dance For The Love Of Dance

Norris Photography © Norris L. Duckett III 2016-05-03T01:24:13Z 2016-05-03T01:24:13Z Inspiration

I have been asked many times, "how do you come up with creative concepts"? my response to that is everything around me is inspiring, whether it be good or bad. Such as my personal attitude changes through out a day due to different events. I take note of each change and begin thinking to myself how can I show others this emotion through basic art principals.

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